Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils for All Natural Laundry

Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils for All Natural Laundry

Keeping Your Clothes in Good Condition

For those who are not aware, there are several options available when it comes to taking good care of your clothes. Although most people only wash and iron clothes, options such as the using the best organic wool balls are excellent considerations. These are specially made wool balls that can be used to improve the softness of your clothes and to decrease drying time. More so, you can also consider using the wool dry balls and essential oils for all natural laundry care. The essential oils are loaded with natural compounds which makes them perfect for your garments. This method for garment care will provide several benefits for your needs. It’s also simple to apply on the clothes and these products are readily available as well.

Wool Dry Balls and Essential Oils

The organic wool dryer balls are specially made balls that comprise of natural wool. These garment care solutions are used by tossing into a machine dryer during the drying process. You can make your organic wool balls through DIY procedures, or you can settle for ready-made ones. The organic balls are good for the fabric of your clothes. When combined with essentials oils, this makes up for a superior clothes care regime. This in comparison to using fabric softeners and sheets that are loaded with industrial chemicals. The essential oils are designed for scenting purpose and also to enhance the structure of the fabric. Some of the common types of fabric oils for clothes care include:

  • Lavender and Lemon
  • Tangerine and rose oil
  • Lemongrass and eucalyptus
  • Wild Orange

Wool Dryer Balls and Essential Oils for All Natural Laundry

Benefits of an All-Natural Laundry Care

Perhaps one of the main benefits of using essential oils and all natural oils is that it improves the structure of your clothes. The essential oils can be used for scenting and also to improve the fabric of the cloth. Unlike using the conventional fabric softeners and clothes conditioners that are loaded with chemicals, a better option would be essential oils. These oils are loaded with essential compounds which enhance the structure of your clothes with every cleaning session.

Besides that, another benefit of using the organic wool balls is that they help decrease the average drying time. These types of wool dryer balls and essentials are affordable solutions for our clothes care procedures. The balls bounce around in the dryer and help in separating clothes. As a result, more hot air can flow through the garments for the best results. This helps to reduce wrinkles, fluff the laundry and pummel to make it soft. These wool balls can be easily purchased online and at affordable prices.


In summary, going for an all-natural clothes care regimen is an excellent consideration. The procedure you use for taking care of your clothes will play a major role in their longevity. These all-natural options provide various benefits over the conventional methods of clothes care. In fact, its safer, simpler and a more practical solution for taking care of your garments.